Rent a colour sorter!

We are equipped with several colour sorters for rental and for wage order. In total, we have four colour sorters, as you see at the left.
Some of these colour sorters are full colour sorters, but also all our monochromatic sorters are suitable for simultaneous sorting of light and dark defects. Some machines even have infrared cameras of type NIR-InGaAs or low NIR, which help to recognize different material of the same colour.

Weekly rental

It is possible to rent the colour sorters for different periods of time, from one week up to several months. This is particularly useful for customers with seasonal operation or to test the machine when you think about the purchase of it.
The temporary installation and commissioning of the machines are simple, as our about 30-50 customers every year can confirm - many come back or buy in the end. The operating of all models is easy to understand in a very short time, so some of our regular customers don't even need the visit of a technician for the start-up.
High season is from August to October, the rest of the year is low season.

Sorting services

We can offer you the option sort small quantities up to a few tons at our facilities in Dresden, very interesting for example for seeds. After previous tests in Dresden the product will be sorted and packaged directly. For partners for larger quantities of product, please ask, some customers of us can do it.

Tests in Dresden

We can give you information about the results of many sorting tests and capacities of different products. Before renting or buying a machine, we recommend to test it in Dresden (for Cimbria and CSort machines), at the Cimbria SEA headquarters in Italy, at Cimbria in Denmark or Cimbria Heid in Austria.

Service for sold machines

Please contact us if you are interested in a service visit of us. Mainly we work on colour sorting machines sold by us, but in exceptions we might also do service at other colour sorters that we know well.

colour sorter during a rental
Colour sorter in work (temporary installation of the machine at a rental)

Sorting in our showroom
Sorting services in Dresden